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EAS began as CM Land Solutions (CMLS) in 2008, as a real estate, land, and right of way consulting firm. CMLS successfully established itself during a historically slow economic period by creating an efficiency-based approach to project management. CMLS developed a formula to utilize only the most qualified real estate, land, and right of way professionals, to staff projects with over qualified personnel, manage workflow with the newest and most innovative approach, and help our clients meet their goals on time and under budget.

Although the original CM Land Solutions team has grown exponentially since the handful of eager and hungry professionals it started with in 2008, our philosophy, work ethic, and shear desire to prove we can do your project better, faster, and for less than our competitors remains unchanged.

In 2015, CM Land Solutions changed its corporate name to EAS in order to broaden its brand, services, and commitment to the industries we serve.

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